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One of the areas we’re especially active in is Cheam, just a short drive from our Wallington base. Homeowners choose us over competing landscape companies for all sorts of reasons: sometimes a friend has recommended us, sometimes they’ve seen the patios, driveways and fencing we’ve installed via our gallery, other times they might have read the many positive reviews floating around online…


Whatever the reason you’ve decided to use City & Country Landscapes, know you’ll receive an exceptionally high standard of workmanship, from a friendly and experienced team of landscape gardeners – and at honest, competitive prices! Below, we’ve looked to answer a few common questions that landscape companies, including ours, regularly receive from clients in and around the Cheam area.


Cheam Clients’ Questions Answered


Which materials are best for patios?


Landscape companies most typically work with block paving, concrete, natural stone and brick. Our Cheam landscape gardeners work with all three, and can help you ascertain which will best suit your needs should be unsure which to opt for. Generally speaking, concrete is at the utilitarian, cheaper end of the spectrum, while block paving and natural stone are a bit more expensive, and seen by landscape gardeners’ as a “premium” option.


…and for driveways?


Typically, landscape companies will build driveways out of tarmac, gravel, concrete, brick and block paving. The latter is probably the most popular modern choice; we’re constantly installing block paving driveways in and around the Cheam area, as clients can get creative with the patterns/colours featured. But pattern-imprinted concrete is also very much in vogue, gravel driveways are fantastic for large, rustic properties, and concrete is (as with patios) a very affordable and long-lasting option.


Which styles of fencing do I have to choose from?


The most popular types of fencing amongst our Cheam clients are close board fencing, overlap fencing, garden trellis (added to the top of a fence, picket fencing and post fencing. Keep in mind that investing in quality fencing, and having it installed by knowledgeable landscape gardeners, is important for two reasons: firstly, fencing fulfils a vital purpose in protecting your garden from intruders and unwanted snoopers; secondly, fencing has a big part to play in the overall aesthetic of your garden. Poor fencing, or badly installed fencing, can compromise both these things.


Have a different question for our landscape gardeners, who install patios, driveways and fencing for clients in and around Cheam? Call City & Country Landscapes on 0800 310 1415