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One of the big things that sets apart City & Country Landscapes from competing landscape companies in and around Epsom, is our commitment to working alongside clients from the outset, to ensure they never feel “in over their heads”. This goes for anyone making use of our landscape gardeners, whether it be in investing in new patios, driveways, fencing or any of other services.


So on this page, to provide a helpful online resource for those around Epsom who might be new to landscaping, we’ve run through some general dos and don’ts that are worth considering when weighing up options for your front or back garden.


The Dos and Don’ts of Landscaping


Set a Budget – Whether it’s a single project, or you’re making sweeping changes to the outside of your property involving multiple new installations (driveways, patios, fencing etc), it’s vital you set a budget. This will also help you choose between the many landscape companies operating in and around Epsom. Some, like City & Country Landscapes, offer far more competitive prices than other landscape gardeners.


Keep it Consistent – The same rules apply for interior design as they do for landscape design; erratic use of colours, materials and styles of fixture can lead to a chaotic clash


which really hampers the overall aesthetic of your wider property. Some Epsom homes suit tarmac driveways more so than gravel driveways, and vice versa. The same goes for different choices of panelled fencing, and indeed natural stone patios vs block paving patios. Ensure that your property has a unified and seamless feel tying it all together.


Don’t Bow to Trends – Trends come and go. Landscape companies and landscape gardeners see this more than most! Some Epsom clients are keen on integrating the latest and greatest trend within their own property, often in the form of fashionable driveways, patios and fencing. But be sure to ask the question: is this a transient trend, or does it have definite staying power? Certain materials, styles and colours have stuck around for good reason. It would be a shame to choose something that you’ll be deeply unhappy with in years to come, even if it’s popping up in magazines right now.


For advice and assistance, call City & Country Landscapes. We’re the Epsom area’s top choice for high quality, value-adding driveways, patios and fencing. Dial 0800 310 1415 today!