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When you’re thinking of investing in property improvements to boost the value of your home, you might not first think “landscape companies”. You’re more likely to have something like a traditional builder in mind. But landscape gardeners can deliver value-adding improvements which won’t break the bank (unlike extensions and refurbishments etc). For example, many Tadworth clients have us in to build patios and driveways, and install fencing to improve both the functionality and aesthetic of their home. That’s what this page is all about…


How We Can Help Add Value to Your Tadworth Property




For many years, Tadworth house hunters have shown great interest in properties boasting well-designed and installed patios. Why? They represent a fantastic extra space for entertaining guests, and sitting out with the family on warmer days. Our landscape gardeners can construct patios of the highest quality standards out of a range of materials, to perfectly match your wider garden and property.




“Curb appeal” may sound like an estate agent buzzword, but in reality it carries a huge amount of weight. Some Tadworth homes look fantastic inside, but you’d never know it! Poorly maintained driveways, crumbling brickwork and peeling paint can deter would-be buyers and tank value significantly. That’s why it’s a good idea to sound out landscape companies like our own to upgrade driveways and gain a corresponding boost in total property value!




Fencing, increasing property value?! Yes, although admittedly it’s rarely as radical a change as with patios and driveways… After all, fencing has two important roles to play – securing your property, and contributing to your garden’s aesthetic. So by erecting new fencing, tailored to your wider garden and property, our landscape gardeners can help you in two departments!


For more on the patios, driveways and fencing we install in and around the Tadworth area, call the City & Country Landscapes team on 0800 310 1415.